First Cut


You can even shove your opponent to throw them off balance and be susceptible to a quick attack. Just be aware that every action affects your fatigue, which will slow down your attacks if you don’t take a pause.



First Cut is essentially a samurai duel game with a focus on realism. In it, you will be engaging in 1v1 fights with either AI or human players. It features pixel art for its design, and coupled with rather violent and gory effects, makes for a visceral experience. There are multiple distinct locations to battle in, from open fields to dojos, and under a waterfall, to name a few.

The game supports solo and local multiplayer gameplay. Attacks involved a horizontal slash and both low and high vertical slashes. Holding the button down will charge your attack and delay the timing to confuse your enemy. Press in the same direction as the incoming attack to block it, while pressing attack immediately after will result in a counterattack. You can also duck or sidestep against them if you prefer