Sonic and knuckles


Because Sonic doesn’t come alone. With him are Tails, the cute fox who uses his tail to fly, and Knuckles, Sonic’s staunch enemy red echidna who, this time, will join forces with our protagonist to defeat the evil Dr. Robotnik and thwart his plans. to repair the Death Egg.

Ready to run at the speed of sound?



Sonic is one of those video game characters that needs no introduction. Years may have passed since his first appearance, even since his last, which will remain a classic among classics.

Today we bring you an excellent version for PC of one of the latest games of the popular Sega emblem that saw the light: Sonic and Knuckles 3.

This version is traced to that of MegaDrive, and it will surely make fans of the game enjoy it for hours. famous blue hedgehog and his friends.