The Adventures of Fatman


The Adventures of Fatman is a fun video game that, although it is quite short (we can finish it in a couple of hours), has an interesting enough story to make it worth it.



The Adventures of Fatman is a classic-style graphic adventure in which we’ll handle the peculiar superhero ‘Fatman’ (a parody of Batman), who will have to save the city from the threat of a new super villain.

Throughout our adventure we will visit more than forty different locations, in which we will have to collect objects, use them with elements of the setting, or talk to the rest of the characters. In other words, everything we would do in a classic graphic adventure from the nineties.

Of course, just in case we are new to the genre, the game includes two difficulty modes: one for beginners and one for veterans. In the first we will be able to access some clues and help that will make the adventure easier for us.